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Self Contained Injury Protection


  • What is InjuryShield™

    InjuryShield™ is a self-contained injury protection product with a numerous set of applications.

    InjuryShield™ can be used for medical emergencies and first aid applications, as a temporary dental treatment or night guard, and a wide variety of veterinary applications. InjuryShield™ can even be used for repairs around the house (such as a temporary covering of an exposed wire or frayed cord).

    Further, because of the small size of InjuryShield™ packets, there is tremendous potential for use in military settings, hiking and outdoor adventuring, as well as remote athletic events. Even more impressive, the low-cost of InjuryShield™ means that areas of low socioeconomic status can benefit from medical treatment that is inexpensive, effective, and can be administered easily (on the spot, and without specialized training).

  • How do the InjuryShield™ splints work?

    InjuryShield™ couldn’t be simpler to use!

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    1. Open MRE Heater Bag.
    2. Place InjurShield™ in mRE bag on top of heater. DO NOT REMOVE PAPER WRAP OR SEAL.
    3. Follow instructions on MRE bag. Add water as indicated.
    4. Use included carton to make a stand to hold MRE bag.
    5. Insert folded MRE bag into carton stand.
    6. Heat InjuryShield™ in MRE heater bag for 2 minutes at 140˚F / 60˚C or until soft and completely clear. Heating time is approximate. Increase time to 3-4 minutes to heat 2 wrapped InjuryShield™.
    7. Dump contents of MRE bag and unwrap InjuryShield™ from paper wrap. CAUTION: WATER AND CONTENTS ARE VERY HOT.
    8. Roll clear InjuryShield off paper wrap and form splint as needed. 1 minute working time. InjuryShield™ is set when solid and not clear. Reheat and reform if necessary. Add new InjuryShield™ material to formed InjuryShield™ as required.
  • Can splints be re-used?

    InjuryShield™ can be re-heated and re-formed for future use.

  • Do I need a doctor to administer InjuryShield™?

    No. InjuryShield™ was designed to be used immediately and without specialized training. Of course, serious medical emergencies will need to be dealt with by a trained professional, however, as an initial point of contact and first aid treatment, InjuryShield™ can be administered by anyone.

  • I’d like to order this for my hospital, do you provide custom, large order solutions?

    Of course. Please contact us to develop a custom ordering solution to fit your needs.

  • Is your product manufacturing outsourced?

    No. InjuryShield™ proudly manufactures all of its products right here in the USA. In conjunction with, we are able to keep all of our entire manufacturing process completely domestic.

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