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Self Contained Injury Protection

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USplint has evolved into InjuryShield™ - a newer product that is more advanced and has more applications than USplint.

InjuryShield™ is more than a splint - it is a versatile, easy-to-use, and affordable solution for many applications and environments.

Injury Shield™

Self Contained Injury Protection

InjuryShield™ is a thermoplastic-based, self-contained injury protection and splinting system that is biocompatible, radiolucent, latex-free, and available in near limitless sizes and shapes.

Designed to succeed where other protective products fail, InjuryShield is self-securing and conforms to nearly any injury, providing immobilization and wound protection.

Developed from the same Class 2 medical device used for two decades in dentistry, InjuryShield™ is a patent-pending, low-temperature thermoplastic-based device stored and transported as a rigid, opaque sheet. Similar to other thermoplastic splint materials, InjuryShield™ is a non-electric, non-mechanical medical device/ instrument that requires only low heat to activate and mold.

InjuryShield™ is fully capable of multi-use injury care—it remains biocompatible, radiolucent, latex-free, can be manufactured in near limitless sizes and shapes, and is Made in the USA.


A few examples of the InjuryShield™ Advantage:

  • Versatile Applications
  • Easy To Use
  • Low-Temperature Activation (60°C)
  • Fast Activation (< 2 minutes)
  • Re-usable & Re-formable
  • Moisture & Oxidation Resistant
  • Low Cost

InjuryShield™ Applications

Versatile · Practical · Revolutionary

InjuryShield™ has virtually limitless applications because of its affordability, availability, scalability, and low-maintenance application. InjuryShield™ is compact enough that military personnel can carry it with them into remote areas and be able to apply reliable injury protection and mobilization in minutes. Medical personnel working in underserved areas can provide quality emergency medical care without the need for expensive and cumbersome traditional solutions. First Aid kits at sporting events, festivals, and wilderness adventures will be revolutionized.


InjuryShield™ is the ideal solution in many applications.

  • Military
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Medical
  • Remote Locations
  • Sport & Event First Aid
  • Low Income & Underserved Populations

The Product Team

Kate Liddle

Entrepreneurial & Manufacturing

Ms Liddle oversees the entrepreneurial and manufacturing arm of InjuryShield™ and™. She boasts more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution, sales and marketing in dental, medical and other industries.

Dr. Brandon ConoverTechnical Advisor

Dr. Conover brings several years of experience in biomedical devices, product engineering, and technology development within medical and military verticals.

As CEO of Practical Scientific Solutions, Dr. Conover serves as the Technical Advisor for InjuryShield™ and™.

Kyle SimsMilitary Applications

The InjuryShield™ team receives advisory assistance from SGM Kyle Sims, Medical Combat Developer, US ARMY Special Operations Command (USASOC), Fort Bragg NC.

Dr. Dana A. VamvakiasVeterinary Applications

Dr. Dana A. Vamvakias brings extensive experience and training in small animal medicine, working dog medicine, and emergency medicine.

Aside from being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Dr. Vamvakias is certified in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy (CCRT) and Veterinary Medical Acupuncture (VMA).

Capt. Ross Cook, CPC, DCDental Applications

Regional Reps

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    Your product can change how we assist the animal world!

    - Dr. Vamvakias, DVM, CCRT, cVMA, CAC
    Owner, Vanguard Veterinary Hospital

InjuryShield™ Demonstration and Instructions

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